Web Design

Modern, responsive and eye-catching websites are what I do best. Built to be mobile and tablet-friendly, as well as laptop and desktop-friendly, your website will be a blessing for both you and your customers.

Edit your content whenever you like; add new blog posts, products or whole pages on a whim or if you need something more specialised, get back in touch with me to enchance your site further.

Clean designs that help your customers and clients navigate to exactly what they are looking for immediately, wherever they are.

Your website will be Google (or Bing or Yahoo) -friendly, so you can be sure that when your customers are looking for you, or your products, they will find it – immediately.

All this for an affordable price – I’m not a large agency with enormous overheads, I will sit with you and understand you and your customers to deliver a website that represents you and speaks to your audience.

Get in touch today and we will discuss your latest project.

Print Design

Not everything is online.

Sometimes the best way to get information into people’s hands is to literally hand it to them. As a graphic designer of over 10 years I know how to design for print, set up your documents correctly and make sure the printer is happy with them first time.

From company brochures and marketing materials to small business flyers and booklets, menus and signs and business cards I work with you to design your real-life promotional materials to look exactly how you want them. 

Design isn’t just about looking nice it’s about making it work for you and giving your customer or client a feeling of understanding of who you are and what you represent. That’s the power of design.

Maintenace, Updates and SEO

I like meeting new people but I also like to continue seeing the people I’ve already met. Once I’ve designed and built your website I don’t want to leave you to figure the rest out on your own.

Your new website will require regular checks and updates and sometimes you don’t want to have to deal with things like that – you’re already busy running your business – so let me take the hard work out of the equation.

My maintenance package is a recurring monthly service that covers your hosting, maintaining your WordPress installation including updates, security checks and backups (sometimes updates can break your site – I separately check all plugin and theme updates before hand so you suffer no down-time) and of course email support should you have any unexpected issues.

Let’s take this journey together.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is very important. It’s the difference between your website appearing at the top of every relevant search term for your business and, well, it not. Sometimes you have a niche term and you are the market leader so finding you might not be a problem, but sometimes customers might be typing in broad terms in broad locations but you still want to be found.

Optimising your website for these kinds of scenarios is what makes you different to your competitors. Everyone is aiming for the top spot, why shouldn’t you get it?

Contact me.

I am currently available for work, so please contact me today to discuss your project.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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