This article was originally posted in 2015.

I set myself the challenge of only using ingredients I have in, mainly because I’m skint, to make a tasty brew.

Since I still have an abundance of hops in I went for the obvious – an IPA. I still have enough Maris Otter left for a couple of brews but I also had a small amount of Caramalt too, so that went on the list, and the only suitable yeast left was some Safale US-05 which should give me a clean and crisp US-style IPA. The thing that makes it not a US-style IPA is that all my hops are British, but I wanted to pick ones that would give it a bit of an edge even without having something like Cascade in there. Here’s the brew sheet:


  • 1kg Maris Otter
  • 200g British Caramalt

Hop Schedule

AmountHop60 mins
3.0gTarget (UK)60 mins
2.0gTarget (UK)45 mins
4.0gBoadicea30 mins
4.0gBramling Cross (UK)15 mins
4.0gBoadicea10 mins
4.0gBramling Cross (UK)5 mins
3.0gBoadiceaDry hop
3.0gBramling Cross (UK)Dry hop


  • Safale US-05

I had a bit of a temperature drop during the mash so had to apply some heat. Considering I just place a tea towel over my stock pot during the mash I’m amazed it doesn’t loose more, but it went OK. I had to shoot off partway through so ended up with a 1h 45min mash.

Unfortunately I only had my inaccurate analogue scales so all the hop measurements are rough – those listed above are what I was aiming for but mostly they were probably above that; I was accurate to about 5g.

Once the boil was over, wort was cooled (with a brief stint outside on a lovely winter’s day to hurry the process) and transferred to the demijohn I ended up with an OG of 1.070. It was supposed to be 10.62 so there’s a bit of a difference there, but I’m not really set up for liquoring back so I left it as it was. I’m still hoping for an FG of 1.009 which will give me an estimated ABV of 8%, if the FG finishes as high as the difference in the OG (around 1.017) I’ll be looking at my original estimated ABV of 7%.

It has been 11 days since brew day, if I can find the time this weekend I would like to dry hop it with Boadicea and Bramling Cross, leave it for a few days then bottle and leave for a few weeks to condition.

Here are some pictures of the brew (sorry, I forgot to take a pic of the demijohn).